Monday, November 27, 2006

Random stuff (mostly about food)

  • Introducing the the world's biggest can of chickpeas. Well at least the biggest one I ever seen. I got it from a supermarket in Glenroy. How could I resist a can that big and so cheap too at $3.99. We are planning on making a huge amount of hommus. Anyone have any hommus recipes they can recommend, anyone want some freshly made hommus? Anyone had luck freezing hommus?

  • I discovered that the churros and dark choc dipping sauce at san churros (the choc place on brunswick st) are vegan. We sampled tonight, it was super super yummy but you need to share it, it's too much for one person.
  • I didn't get the job I applied for. I also discovered that with my one remaining job I am earning close to the Dole amount. How do people live off the dole? I'm trying to see my poverty (ok not yet) as a challenge of how fruggal I can get instead of the depressing state it is. Also trying to force myself to work on my thesis as much I can. A massive part of it is due at the end of december and I have just started.
  • My neigbour just showed me her new bike that she got from Kmart for $100, I had a little ride and now I really want a bike. Especially since there is a bike track right next to us. I'm hoping Mr T can learn how to ride a bike (yes he doesn't know how) and get one too and then we can go for weekly rides together.

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