Sunday, November 05, 2006

Mr T's new t-shirt from a shop on sydney road.

I heart lists

One of the things that was talked about recently in a class was the need for having outlets/fun/relaxing/enjoyable things to basically debrief from difficult days at work. One thing that was spoken about from the instructor was how she enjoys crappy tv and red wine but basically monitoring that so that if you normally drink 2 glasses and are reaching for a third or watching OC, all saints, and desperate housewives and then searching for more crappy tv then you know that things are a little more stressful and to look for alternatives instead of say becoming an alcholic or spending every evening glued to the TV. She actually suggested having a list of 40 things, and so I decided to try to make a list of happy things. I got to 13, and Mr T made a list of 15. It's a work in progress.

I've now thought of another list. I was just thinking what a great weekend it has been, with last night just having a few friends over for drinks and today having a nice picnic, walk and rowing along the murry river at stanley boat house. So often the weekend passes by and we do the same old things. Sure we go out often go out for dinner or breakfast or lunch or go shopping or go to shows but not much outside that. So the list is basically a list of things to do that you may talk about but never get around to doing, almost like a 43 things list but more attainable. I call it our weekend list. So things like:
* using the bike path near us to go for a bike ride
* picking berries
* going to visit the sea shephard boat while it is docked at docklands
* taking Mr T ice-skating (he's never been)
* going kayaking or rowing again
* yum cha in doncaster
* going to get massages together
* go indoor rock climbing
* go to werribee open range zoo
* and lots of other things I can't think of right now, hence the reason I need the list

The first list serves as a reminder when you are reaching for too much of something on a daily basis after a hard day at work and the second list serves as a reminder of things you said you want to do that you might forget or simply just keep putting aside but can easily fit in the weekend.

Now someone please tell me I'm not being too anal! Also, what would you put on your weekend list?

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cristy said...

I don't think that you are being too anal.

I plan to make my own list, actually.

To start with, it would include:

Inviting people around for brunch.
Going to the NGA.
Going for a ride around the lake.