Saturday, February 03, 2007

A Confession

I have a confession to make, a very 'unAustralian' confession to make.

I don't really like beaches. No I like the look and sound of the ocean I just don't like going to the beach and sunbaking and swimming.

I went today. The first time all summer. Last summer I don't think I even went.

I recently made the comment to someone that 'it was going to be too hot' to go to the beach and they thought I was crazy. But think about it, lets wait til it late 38c and then go and expose lots of skin in the sun near water which is going to further reflect the sun rays onto you.

I did my best to avoid increasing my risk of skin cancer today by putting on layer and layers of sunscreen, wearing a hat and sunglasses yet still managed to get sunburnt. There is a reason we have the highest rate of skin cancer in the world. Well several, but one thing that I keep reminding myself is that my ancestors were English and well my skin is better suited to their cold climate. Not for laying or bathing in hot weather in very little clothing.

I think that is probably one of the biggest differences with me and most people in Australia, I don't feel the need to be tanned. I'm happy with my pasty skin which is likely to have less wrinkles then everyone else when I get older.

The second issue I have with the beach is sand. I hate how it gets everywhere, in your bag, in your car, on your body (especially at beaches that don't have showers). I also hate walking on our sand, with all the rocks and hard shells, and occasional glass, and yes I am afraid of syringes too depending on the beach. It just doesn't feel good walking on our sand just hard and well kind of yucky.

I guess I've also noticed that many of the beach people are not my type of people. Yes I'm talking about surfers and I'm going to make a few generalisations. My brother and many of his friends were quite into surfing culture and still are a little bit and I am yet to meet a surfer that I really get along with. And there is a difference between someone who knows how to surf and a surfer. For a 'surfer' it's a lifestyle, not just something they can do. I woul love to be proven wrong with this one though not sure how that will happen with my dislike of beaches.

Lastly, I hate actually going in the water, well past my ankles anyway. I've been bitten by a jellyfish before so I don't like them at all. And I don't like walking in the water onto sharp rocks, and feeling slimy seaweed. Just the whole not knowing what is on my leg or what I stepped on. Also, the water is just too cold. Not to mention other nasty dangerous creatures that lurk in our beaches.

I've tried to like going to the beach I really have, I've even reduced my hate of sand over the years but I just can't like it. Sorry!

Maybe it's just Australian beaches though, I loved phi phi island in Thailand with its probably fake perfect sand and water without seaweed and jellyfish.


cristy said...

Seems fair enough to me Kristy. I don't relate at all - I really do love Australian beaches - but I don't see why everyone should have to. Going to watch a football match would bore me to tears for example...

kristy said...

Christy, I don't like 'footy' either, or most Australian beer or meatpies.

claire said...

I Love it when the seaweed tickles my feet, bring it on! A lot of Australian beaches do have rough sand and litter! I prefer beaches further from the city, with softer sand, less people and big waves.

I find it really concerning how many people lay on the sand for hours sun baking! who wants cancer? and who wants to look like an old leather bag? I don't get it.

charm said...

i got a worm infestation under my skin from a beach in thailand... coral island to be exact. it was horrible. i think i prefer australian beaches :)