Tuesday, February 06, 2007

One entry point into the bike path in Brunswick

I exercise now

I am so proud of myself, after a couple of years of no exercise I am back exercising and regularly too.

I really do owe it to the location, I am right near the bike track and it is 5 min walk or 3 min ride to Brunswick baths. Plus everything else (shops, public transport, etc) is within walking distance.

I started attending a yoga class at the Brunswick baths 3 weeks ago thinking I will ease myself back into exercise by doing what I thought would be gentle. I was wrong, while I have been to yoga classes before this is the first one that I actually feel that I am pushing myself in thanks to a great instructor who stops me from slacking off and continually pushes me in the right way. I was sore in muscles I didn't know existed for a few days after.

I also ride my bike a couple of times a week on my own little route on the bike path. I love the bike path, love the kids enthusiastically riding past me, the people walking their dogs and chatting and the runners. It's great and I am not concerned about cars hitting me. On my route there is quite a small but steep hill and the first couple of times I found myself having to get off the bike and walk up it. But I now ride up, not very fast but still I make it. Eventually I want to work myself up to riding home from work, but I'm still a long way away from that.

Mr T and I also go for weekly walks.

I just hope that I can keep up my current routine once uni starts back.

I really do feel great, sore but great.

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