Thursday, February 08, 2007

Violence does not solve anything

I've just discovered that my step brother was bashed on the weekend. He is left with two black eyes, all sorts of cuts and bruises and some sort of brain damage.

He's only 20 but now acts like a small child due to the brain damage, he can't drinve, he might not be able to work ever again.

I have so much anger and disgust right now for the asshole who did it.

How could someone do that?

I know that a lot of it stems from issues at a societal level. Violence is everywhere: games, tv, movies, news, the playground.

A little bit of violence is accepted as just 'boys being boys' and some people actually enjoy seeing others beaten up in the name of 'sport' .

It is also how our country along with many others try to solve problems through war.

I know you are probably wondering why was he was beaten? The problem with that question is that many people try to victim blame to make themself feel better, so then they can feel safer in the fake knowledge that it couldn't happen to them. The truth is I don't know the full story yet, maybe I never will. But it really doesn't matter, no one deserves violence against them (except for self defense but that is a different story) especially like this.

I really can't understand how someone can live with themself after doing this to someone.


claire said...

I am so sorry to hear that!

I don't understand violence for entertainment either.

cristy said...

That is terrible news. I am so sorry to hear about your step-brother Kristy.

emma said...

That is absolutely horrible, I am so sorry for you. Take care <3, hugs, emma

kristy said...