Saturday, February 03, 2007

Want inspiration for things to do this weekend?

I have two recommendations if you are in Melbourne, both are close to each other though so you could do both.

1. Go see a free dance show (with live music and some art displaced on the walls) at kick gallery-239 High St, Northcote- sat night(well tonight) at 8.30pm. It's likely to be different to anything you have ever seen before and they have cushions so you can sit on the floor in a comfortable almost like I'm in someones living room watching a life performance feeling. Although I recommend going early so you get a cushion or a chair since it's small venue and free so it fills up really quickly.

2. Go and check out coco loco at 219 high st Northcote. Coco loco have amazing chocolate drinks with the choice of their 'kashew mylk' which are by the far the best tasting chocolate drinks anywhere. You can have their drinks hot, or cold, with alcohol or without and with cows milk if that is your thing, and they have many different types of drinks and you can choose how rich you want it (1,2 or 3) . I had a cold 'kashew mylk' chocolate orange flavoured drink at the highest rich level (3) because I love rich. It reminded me of green and blacks maya gold chocolate combined with truffles and in liquid form. Mmmmmmmmm I want more now. Although probably not a good idea since I am now wide awake as a result of drinking it right before bed time. They also sell truffles and coffees and other stuff. Go and check it out and then come back and thank me. But warning they are only opened after 8.30pm.

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