Sunday, February 25, 2007

One of the many views from my uncles balcony at his property in the basin.

Random personal stuff
  • I recently started seeing a new traditional Chinese medicine doctor for herbs and he convinced me to also try acupuncture and I love him. He's young, has a great sense of humour and he actually fixes my health problems. Including problems with my hormones that I have had for years and that no one or nothing seems to fix and he even made a cold go away. He's a miracle worker.
  • Acupuncture is different than I expected. The first time I felt extremely relaxed and enjoyed the 20mins of just laying there which isn't exactly typical for me, the second time I felt this strange but cool tingling sensation inside. I'm going for my third session tomorrow.
  • I still can't get motivated with my thesis. I hate it and never seem to stop dreaming about dropping out with only 1 year to go, arghhhhhhh.
  • I've decided to stop posting pictures of my lunch on here. If you actually miss them because you are a little food or bento obsessed like me you can see them over at flickr amongst many other vegan bento pics.
  • I saw camera obscura on fri night and really enjoyed it. They are playing at a cheaper price ($20) on monday in Brunswick(14 Prentice St, Brunswick). I'm kind of tempted to go again because we could walk to the venue and back and the price includes a vegetarian BBQ.
  • Mr popfrenzy himself Chris Wu was at the show. I was so tempted to say to him 'thank you so much for bringing out the gossip it was the best free live show I have ever seen' but I thought that might be kind of awkward and well just 'uncool'.
  • I have finally gave up pretzels. Yay! Thanks to my Chinese medicine doctor who gave me a few tips.
  • My stepdad pointed out the other day that my handlebars on my bike are the wrong way around. Which explains why the breaks felt so strange to me.
  • Mr T's parents are coming to visit in April. A few people have suggested that we should have the wedding then since they will be in the country already and then won't have to come back for our wedding.
  • My uncle offered to use his gorgeous property for our wedding. It's tempting with all the gorgeous views and the sounds of kookaburras but it would be so far for everyone to travel and I would have to arrange buses or something so everyone can get home after drinking. Besides I'm not sure that I actually want a wedding.
  • I have a new job. Not sure how I will fit it in with a close to full time job and uni but it's only casual and after hours and in a field that I really want to try.


Elouise said...

Hey Kristy! I live in Melbourne and would love to know the name of your new Chinese medicine doctor?? I used to go to one a while ago but they kept urging me to stop being vegan, claiming that meat would solve my health problems!

kristy said...

Elouise he is actually a vegetarian himself and doesn't use any animal products so I'm sure you won't have the same problem with him.

His practice is called Jade Bamboo it is next to enlightened cusine near the vic market.

See the info here:

Although be warned it can be pricey(between 50-80 depending on what you get, the 1st one is the most expensive), but I figure it is worth it since it actually works.

Good luck, and let me know how it goes!

Btw, I used to know an elouise, I don't suppose you used to live in Newport?

Elouise said...

Hi Kristy,
Thanks so much for all the information, Im planning on making an appointment soon! I have never lived in Newport sorry!
Thanks again!