Saturday, February 03, 2007

Discovering more about Brunswick's bargains
A few of today's bargains

Mr T and I decided to go for a little stroll around Brunswick and we discovered lots of great places to find bargains.

Firstly I bought 3 things at the living doll factory outlet where eveything is $5, I'm not sure of the address but it is opposite the barkley square car park. Just past the brunswick hotel. I think it might be called Weston st but I could be wrong. The sale is only on this weekend though.

We then strolled into a few second hand shops on sydney rd where I found an antique gift for my mother that I'm sure she will love.

We then went to the mountain bread factory outlet on victoria st where we picked up some barley mountain bread and some foul medamas. On the opposite side of victoria street we discovered a nut factory outlet where I bought some dried cranberries, walnuts, and almonds all for $1.50 a bag. Their prices were excellent I also got 2 containers of organic juice for $3.50 (that's for 2 not 1). They had all sorts of cheap products that we could have bought too including lollies, halva, beans, lentils, pickled turnips, and lots more Mediterranean and Middle Eastern products.

On a side street on the way back to Sydney rd from Victoria st we also discovered a second hand furniture store were Mr T found a $5 desk, and right opposite it there happened to be a big garage sale where Mr T found a wooden chair to go with his desk for $5 and I found some fun material that she gave to me for free, thanks!

All and all it was a good day especially considering we weren't gone for very long. Mr T joked that we could easily have 'discover bargains in Brunswick' walking tours.

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