Monday, June 04, 2007

Cats make you lazy

Well at least Molly does. I had today off and a few times throughout the day she felt comfortable to jump on my knee and stay there for quite some time purring away while I patted her. So when that happens I really have no choice but to continue sitting there for as long as she is my lap. We also had a little lay down on the bed. Ahhh what a life.

I'm not sure how it happened but Molly seems to be getting used to myself and Mr T. It all seems to start last night when Mr T and I went to bed and Molly crawled on to the bed and made herself very comfortable on my pillow. Mr T and I were forced to share one pillow and one side of the bed for quite some time. We patted her for so long that our arms actually started to get sore. She jumped out at some stage and I moved over but then at about 4am she was back for more of hogging my pillow but she eventually crawled on to Mr T's chest and slept for a little bit. It was so cute!

It wasn't so cute though when we awoke at about 2am to the sound of her dropping a pot plant on to the floor and then eventually awaking up to discover that she had pooed on our dishes in our sink.

But I still love her.

Now I promise I will TRY to go back to posting about other things.

For all those cat owner out there though I have a few more questions?
* why do cats repeatedly pick up the paws and push down on what they are laying on several times? I know what I mean am having trouble describing it. It's like she is trying to make my lap and the pillow more comfortable.
* how can I get her to use her litter tray?
* anyone know of any healthier litters to use? I have read that most litters are actually quite poisonous
* any humane cat food products out there?

As I am typing this she had hopped on my lap again it's hard to believe its the same cat.


shawna said...

for cat food you can see if molly wants to go vegan. our neighbours cat used to go crazy for veganpet catfood ( i think vegan revolution carries it (although every time we've tried to go up to their shop off lygon st. the past few weeks its been closed but you could email them) or you can order it online straight from veganpet.

Theresa said...

I think the word is kneading--the cat is kneading your lap, probably to make you more comfortable for her. I think that's such a cute cat-behaviour. I'm glad she settled in finally!

kristy said...

shawna, I'll check it out thanks! I also I have been meaning to thank for you introducing me to freecycle, I saw the link on your blog and ended up joining and have already given something away.

Theresa, that's the word thanks! It was driving me crazy and according to google they generally do it when in a state of contentment before they sleep.

And for all those who were wondering I finally got her to use her kitty litter by adding more litter to her tray and by moving it further away from her food.

cristy said...

Oh what an adventure. She sounds simply adorable.

I haven't had a cat since I was about 3, so I'm afraid that I will be no use to you. I am enjoying the pictures though.

Faye said...

HI Kristy, THis is Faye Claire's little sister. Now I really miss my cat Molly even more after reading your posts. She is also very shy and does best with 1 or 2 people in her household, I found that with lots of people over she would hide all night.

I don't know if she used a litter tray in your grandmas place, but I found that when My Molly had a big move or change of some sort she would be nervous and forget where to go to do her business. I think patience is defiantly good, but if you catch molly in the act or straight after you can pick her up and show here where to go, it works with some cats. oh and they don't like there litter tray too close to their food.

I don't know if any of this is very helpful to you, I hope so.

Oh and I saw a asian guy with really big dreadlocks on the subway here in Toronto and I thought of you guys!

kristy said...

Thanks for commenting Faye. How funny that there is another cat called Molly with similar behaviour. Molly does hide with lots of people but I was really surprised last night when Claire and Dave come around she actually came out and even sat on my knee right next them.

She has been using her litter tray since I posted so it may have been that it was close to her food or that she was nervous.

I'll make sure and tell T about the guy, he cut his dreads off recently and keeps joking that he looks like every other Asian guy now.