Sunday, June 03, 2007

Molly update

Last night after I posted the last entry, we went out to grab some food and when we returned we found Molly had moved onto the kitchen bench and when she saw us she ran to under our bed where she stayed for quite some time before a final run and plunking herself in our laundry sink. We went to bed concerned that she was choosing the coldest place to lay but decided that once we went to bed and fell asleep she might move somewhere else. We woke up super early to find her still in the sink and awake.

We have had some progress today though. This morning after I woke up I finally convinced her to eat some of her food we had put on her dish on the floor below the sink. She ate a little bit and I patted her and she started purring, and then after lots of sitting next to her and talking to her and patting she actually crawled up onto my lap where she sat for about 5 minutes. Mr T had the same thing happen but for about 20 minutes later on today but if he tried to move at all or if she heard any loud-ish noise she hopped off and either went into the corner or back into the basin. She is back in the basin now.

Thankfully Google came to rescue revealing that her behaviour is not unusual for cats who are in a new place as they tend to choose to stay in one room until they get more comfortable. I just wish she would have chosen another room so that it would be warmer for her.

Molly looking not very happy in her favourite place to lay.

Looking more comfortable on Mr T's lap.


Theresa said...

It's really good of you to take in your grandmother's kitty. She'll probably get more settled if you're just patient, but maybe you could put a warm blanket or an old towel where she has chosen to lay. That way she's not so cold, and when she does get more comfortable you could try moving that blanket out and see if she comes with it. Better yet, if you have something from your grandmother's house that you could put where she's comfy, so she has some familiar smells and sights.

However, I'm just guessing, since I've never had cats! Good luck!

kristy said...

Thanks Theresa. Great minds think alike I have put my nan's towel on the basin. But she already seems to be over it.

ann said...

Cute picture of Molly in the sink. I miss having a cat around doing unpredictable things. Enjoy :)