Monday, June 25, 2007

I'm sick again :-(

Yes for the second time this year I have a cold/virus thing. This time with non stop coughing. Last night between the hours of 2 am and 6am I couldn't stop coughing so I also couldn't sleep. It is driving me insane. My chest hurts, my throat hurts and if I could have one wish for the rest of my life it would be to never cough ever again.

I went to the doctor who basically just said drink lots of fluids. To which I replied I am but need something to stop the cough so that I can sleep at night. Only then did we talk about antihistamines. I went to the chemist only to discover that every antihistamine tablet contains lactose. Something I chose not have and that I'm also ultra sensitive to. If I have even a tiny bit of dairy in a dish I produce excess phlegm, something that I certainly don't need right now. I however finally found a cough medicine with a antihistamine in it. But by my body decided that it didn't like it so I ended up vomiting it back up.

It's not fair though. Mr T hasn't been sick once this year and we eat exactly the same things except Mr T consumes much more alcohol than me. Maybe I need to start consuming more alcohol.

I did have slightly good news though when I discovered that dark chocolate might be good for coughs.


claire said...

oh-no! I am sorry to hear that you are sick again.

I have just gotten over a cold. People have been coming in to work sick, coughing and sneezing all over the place, and if there's something going around - I always seem to catch it. Grrr!

Dave never seems to get sick either, I wish I had an immune system like his.

I have found that whiskey is rather soothing for a sore throat, and seems to help suppressing coughs.

Hope you get better soon. xoxo

T said...

Maybe fancy wine make you sick. Dave only drinks beer, so he has a better immune system.

Clarie you are right, try whiskey with hot water, cinnamon and honey

seriously, do some sport girls! Yoga and Chinese Kung Fu, for example.

Theresa said...

Feel better! And I know it's not much consolation right now, but think about how much more often you'd be getting sick if you weren't vegan!

ann said...

warm coke with lemon juice is nice and fizzy - if not novel and not proven to be a flu remedy.

kristy said...

Ann, Claire and Theresa thanks!

Claire, maybe women get more colds then men??? but we live longer!

Theresa, that's true as Mr T reminded me I used to have all sorts of other problems in my non vegan days.

Ann, hehe I think I might pass for now. But might try it another time, I've eaten and drank stranger things.