Saturday, June 02, 2007

Introducing the latest member of our household:


My grandmother passed away in Jan leaving behind 2 cats. 1 very extroverted friendly Persian and another one that is very very shy. So shy that if anyone came over to visit my grandmother she would leave the room. You can probably guess from the picture which one Molly is. We decided to take Molly since Mr T is so great with cats that we though if anyone can make her open up it would probably be him. Besides, the rest of the family are pretty allergic to cats.

I'm a little concerned though because she has come from my grandmothers big house to our tiny apartment. So we are calling it a trial, if after some time she still doesn't seem more comfortable with us or our tiny place then we will look at trying to find somewhere else for her.

Molly has been at our place for a little over 2 hours now and hasn't moved from under our kitchen trolley as seen in picture. She has however allowed Mr T to pat her under whilst under there and has been Meowing like crazy.

Any tips on making her more comfortable?


claire said...

I should ask my sister Faye for some tips. She adopted a cat (also called Molly) who was incredibly shy and appeared to have a phobia of carpet.

But Faye was very good and patient with Molly and Molly felt very comfortable with her. I'll let you know if she has any advice :)

kristy said...

That would be good, we need all the advice we can get!

Thanks, Claire!