Saturday, March 15, 2008

Aussie vegan white chocolate

Sweet Williams has dairy free white chocolate blocks which are about half the prize of the expensive overseas rice milk white chocolate blocks.

I'm not a big fan of sweet Williams normal chocolates, because I prefer dark chocolate to soy chocolate but I definitely give this the thumbs up. It tastes exactly as I remember white chocolate to taste, although it has been 5 years.

I found this block at Safeway in Broadmeadows of all places. I've also seen it at Preston Safeway too and yet Brunswick Coles and Safeway don't sell it yet

I noticed on their website they also sell carob chocolate but I haven't seen it anywhere.


harriet said...

oh, this is the best news i've heard all day! I hope they have it at my local, especially since i'm planning to make triple choc cookies soon!

kristy said...

Good luck! Which one is your local? Let me know if they have it too. I found it at reservoir safeway too. I don't get why the outer north has it and Brunswick doesn't!