Monday, March 31, 2008

It's been busy social time with my bday last wed, lots of shows (Cat power and Modest Mouse coming up), comedy festival shows, lots of dinners and lunches and hardly any pics. I'm a bad blogger sometimes. Here is a pic of the feast that my faboulous mother made for me for my birthday dinner:

2 different types of lasagnas, spicy roasted potatoes, tomato cucumber flower, hommus, chips and salad

Before my bday Kylie made me a yummy dinner and 3 vegan ice creams, yes 3! Berry, raw coconut and chocolate peanut butter. They were all creamy and yummy but the chocolate peanut butter was amazing. She has lent me her ice cream maker so once the weather gets better I will experiment. Any recommendations?

I also got veganomicon for my birthday, and it's huge. I had no idea how big it was, it has 250 recipes in it and looks a lot better than vegan with a vengeance which I was not a big fan of. Any recommendations for recipes that are in the 45 and under classification? I love the idea of the 45 minute symbol as one of the reasons I didn't like vegan with a vengeance was the recipes take longer than the 30 minutes Mr T and I used to.

Btw, fleas are now gone thanks to nasty flea bombs and lots of vacuuming.

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