Friday, March 28, 2008

I have lots to post about but I've had computer problems (which are resolved now thanks to Dave!) and then internet problems and now an even bigger problem: fleas!

It's kind of strange that we have now have a flea problem when we don't have a cat living here, but it happens!

Any tips for dealing with them?


Anonymous said...

buy a flea bomb from the supermarket. store away all your food. set off the flea bomb.

buy a flea collar, cut it up and put pieces into your vacuum cleaner. vacuum.

sprinkle flea powder on furniture and vacuum off?
- ann

Theresa said...

I read online a few months ago that simply vacuuming is just as effective as chemicals. The fleas can't breed inside of the vacuum bag. So vacuum floors and furniture, wash all your sheets, and use camphor laurel to help the bites to stop itching!