Monday, March 10, 2008

Weird Wisdom Food Combinations and Soy Ice Cream

Out of sheer frustration I have got creative with my eating and discovered that:

* mashed potato mixed with beetroot dip rocks
* mashed potato can be eaten with tomato sauce (when your partner is eating fries with tomato sauce and you can't have any)
* refried beans, smooth taco sauce, tofutti cream cheese and guacamole can all be eaten cold without bread or corn chips and it still tastes good. Thanks to Erin for reminding me that refried beans are another thing I can eat. It was also inspired from layered bean dip over at Vegan Lunch Box. This is my favourite wisdom meal because it has lots of different flavours as opposed to boring soup.
* some soups can be eaten cold and still taste ok (when it is 37 degrees outside)

Speaking of cold soups, apart from chilled cucumber soup, are there any there any chilled soups that are puréed and taste good?

The swelling is almost gone, but I have now have a green-yellow bruise on my chin which looks beautiful. The pain has gotten a lot better, but I still can't eat. I also had a dissolving stitch come out on 0ne side which seems to make me very sensitive to hot and cold foods. But there no way that is stopping me from eating ice cream. I've become a vegan ice cream expert and discovered the order of my favourite smooth soy ice creams:
  1. Tofu Shop soft serve- rose water or pandan or any of them except for green tea. It doesn't matter that the boss is crazy anti vegan man. The soft serve is worth it.
  2. Soylati-Mocha. I don't even like coffee but I love this flavour. I can only find it at piedemontes in North Fitzroy but for around $6 for organic soy ice cream it's pretty good value.
  3. Turtle Mountain- Neapolitan. This is normally my 2nd fav ice cream but most of the flavours that I enjoy have crunchy, chewy bits.
  4. Tofutti-Wildberry supreme. This is way too pricey a tiny container costs around $6 the same price that you pay for the soylati.
  5. So Good: Mango coconut. I like all of the so good flavours, but the fact that you can get them everywhere means that I am a bit over them. This flavour however is new and still exciting.
Thanks for letting me whine and whine and whine. With me being trapped inside, I've gotten really bored, sick of watching dvds and eating soup, soup and more soup. Whining on here has helped!


Cindy said...

Refried beans! Layered bean dip! I would never have thought of those. Yum.

Glad things are on the up.

kristy said...

Thanks Cindy!