Thursday, March 06, 2008

Warning: if you are not interested in whiny gross stuff don't read below.

Day 1

I went to the hospital super early and waited and waited and waited for about 3-4 hours before they finally put me to sleep.

I woke up and coughed up lots of blood, so much so that I almost vomited.

The nurse then forced me to eat jelly, because I had to take pain killers before I left the hospital and I couldn't have them on an empty stomach. God I hoped it was vegetarian jelly. I couldn't feel any of the bottom half of my face and so I kept spilling food and water down my chin and had no idea until the nurse and my mother kept pointing it out. It is also extremely difficult to swallow tablets without any feeling in your mouth. It took forever and I almost vomited from the horrible taste of them swishing around in my mouth for so long.

I then went home and passed out.

And ate lots of ice cream. The only good point about this whole thing, and I'm not even an ice cream fan!

I then coughed up some more blood, spilled more food and water down the front of my t-shirt and face took more tablets and slept again.

And then repeat again. Maybe the sleeping sounds good, but it feels horrible like every waking moment I am going to die from sleep exhaustion and my stomach was growling like crazy. I wished and wished I could feel my mouth so that taking tablets, eating and talking wasn't so difficult. It is really difficult to get full on jelly, ice cream and soup when you have to consume half a teaspoon at a time and push your head up to make sure it goes down your throat. You should have heard me attempt to talk, no-one could understand me. What a silly wish though.

Day 2
I woke up and my silly wish come true. I could feel my mouth and I could feel pain. Serious, terrible fucking pain. I also looked into the mirror and saw cheeks the size of tennis balls. And I had a new problem, I can barely open my mouth which makes eating, talking, drinking and taking tablets still pretty damn hard. I'm so bloody hungry!

I can't wait for day 3. It's got to get better, right?

So I ask you one thing: appreciate the fact that you can eat crunchy, chewy food that doesn't resemble baby food!


Theresa said...

Aw, Kristy, I hope day 3 goes much better for you!

And I loved the warning at the top of the post. It made me lol.

Cindy said...

Oh, I'm sorry you're having such a tough time of it! I'm sure you'll be doing better tomorrow, though crunchy food will have to wait longer. :(

kristy said...

Thanks Cindy and Theresa!

It felt good t vent like that.