Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I'm back with the longest post ever (well for me)

You probably didn't even notice I was gone from the internet for the last week and a bit. I was in the world of homework hell. More on that later but now food.

Since I last posted I've been back at East Brunswick Club (I live close by) and took my camera this time.

Here is the 'chicken' salad, I didn't try it but it looked too healthy for me, there are bits of marinated 'chicken' underneath:

I was really impressed with the vegan tartar sauce with the vegan fish and chips and the 'fish' was pretty good too, it was typical soy protein fish with bits of seaweed wrapped around it and battered.

But probably my fav though is the chicken parma. The flavour is intense and it's filling and reminds me a lot of real chicken parma.

I think the best option is to go with someone else and share 2 dishes (fish and chips and parma) like I did with Mr T.

Now on to my treat for finishing my essay, ice cream. They are both from the Turtle Mountain-Purely Decadent range. If I could marry an ice cream brand it would be this one. As another vegan said to me on the weekend, it's the best thing about being vegan. The first flavour is cookie dough:

I'm not really a raw cookie dough person. I believe that something magical happens in the oven to the sickly sweet cookie dough to make it amazing. But if you are a raw cookie dough person then this flavour is so for you. Don't get me wrong, I ate it all. It just wasn't my fav flavour. The cookie dough parts are too sweet for me.

Next up is Chocolate Brownie Almond:

I love this flavour, the brownie bits are actually kind of chewy like brownies. It's not my fav flavour either, that spots belongs to the mocha almond fudge.

I have fallen in love with a new band- Port O'Brien. I heard their song I woke up today and it took me a month to figure out who there where. It's such a happy, drunk sounding song. Their stuff is pretty varied, if you go over to their myspace also check out the song tree bones. Some of their stuff kind of reminds me of bright eyes/arcade fire/someone else that I can't put my finger on right now. Mr T thinks that they sound like Modest Mouse, but I can't hear that resemblance. Anyway, I just had to go out today and get their CD today. I went to four music shops before finally finding it at missing link for $22. How great is that? Missing Link this small independent shop sold it and sold it cheap too. I heart Missing Link too.

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Theresa said...

Welcome back! Good way to treat yourself--the brownie ice cream looks fantastic to me!