Monday, April 21, 2008

Vegans are Cool

On Sunday Mr T and I went to a vegan food party. The idea actually started out as a joke when I suggested we have an ice cream party and a week later we had all of the below yummy food.

Mr T made mini neat balls from Veganomicon, which were slightly overcooked but still tasted ok. They were especially good with gravy that our host made. It was even better when wedged between corn chips. Just trust me ok!

I made the postachio rosewater cookies also from veganomicon, which tasted ok but texture wise weren't right. They were really hard and oily. I thought I must have cooked them too long so I tried with the second and third batch to cook them less and then they were obviously undercooked and worse. The good thing about an all vegan party is that I don't have to worry about my cooking affecting their perspectives of veganism. If I make something crappy for non vegans I feel like that just supports the myth that vegan food is boring or inferior. If something doesn't go well for vegans though I know that they don't blame veganism and just realise that I'm a crap cook or the recipe is crap.

They were edible though especially with rose water peach ice cream which our lovely host made.

Our lovely host also made not one but 2 tarts and a cheesecake. I can't remember the exact flavours but I think it was something like: chocolate cheesecake with praline white chocolate on top and an oreo crust, maple peanut tart and a fruit tart.

And Mango Almond mini cupcakes

And Chocolate Lasagna-made with with soy cream, chocolate, peanut butter, puff pastry and maple syrup. It was friggin AMAZING!

Other guests brought along chocolate cupcakes and two turtle mountain ice cream tubs, corn chips and coopers beer.

Not only did everyone make and bring yummy food, but all of the others had great music taste. For example, I had a conversation with one of the others about how great the Woods album is. Anyone who appreciates Sleater Kinney is cool in my book. I can't believe i've found other vegans that have good music taste. Normally the two are mutually exclusive and I have vegan friends and then non vegan friends with good music taste.

Maybe next time we can have a savoury food party since the majority of food was sweet.


lisa said...

It must have been a vegan weekend... I went to a vegan potluck brunch on the Saturday! Yum. We had pesto rolls, tofu scramble, dumplings, dips, chickpea cutlets, soy balls, muffins, cookies and pancakes. It was great, and like you I was meeting mostly new vegans. Good stuff! I love how yours was a sweet overload though - yummmmm.

kristy said...

It must have been!

I also heard of one on sat with vegan trifle, did yours have trifle?

Brunch, is a great idea. Maybe we should do that next time.

I'm getting hungry just reading about what you ate.

Theresa said...

I'm getting jealous reading this post and those comments. Vegan potluck/dessert party? Cool vegans with good music taste? *Sigh* I need to get out of Townsville. Seriously though, all the food looks amazing. Especially that 'lasagna'. Yum!

kristy said...

Theresa, you'll just have to come down for a visit with a very empty stomach :-)

Buttons said...

i was at the same brunch lisa was!! wow what a vegtastic weekend, if only our forces could have combined, we would have had the most sweetest savoury amazingness ever!

i'm having an open to all vegans/anyone canc ome brunch at my place on may the third, so let me know if you're interested!

kristy said...

Buttons, yes please!