Saturday, April 05, 2008

Melbourne Vegan Goss
  • The vegan raspberry apple cake at SugarDough rocks, even my omni colleagues enjoyed it. It is super cute (sorry no pic), and nice and moist and is very coconutey (yes I made up a word) which is great if you are like me and love coconut. They have two other vegan cakes too but according to the staff the raspberry one is the best vegan one. It is quite small but cheap at $27 per cake.
  • The soy cheese at Cafe Umago is NOT vegan. I was skeptical with the appearance, and then my stomach started yelling at me, your stomach would yell too if you haven't had dairy for 5 years too and then I did a google search and Harriet confirmed my fears. Yuck, yuck, yuck! Why bother with soy cheese if it is not dairy free?
  • Veg 2 Go is now doing breakfasts (although they look too healthy for me) and they have changed their vegan choc cake so that it is not rubbery anymore. they have also added a few more vegan things like mushroom brushetta.
  • If you are a rich vegan or just like to spend lots of money on vegan food, Ezard does a 8 Course Vegan Tasting Menu for $110 and Pearl has a vegan menu.
  • The East Brunswick Club has added to their one vegan dish (vegan parma) and now has a vegan menu with an extra 2 items on it and the promise of daily vegan specials. Last time we were there they had vegan cheesecake and vegan fettuccine but we couldn't have them because we were there during their lunch hours. At lunch time you can get a cheap vegan parma but it is just deep fried tofu and is about the quarter of the size of the dinner one so I don't recommend it. Here is a pic of a half eaten one :

and here is the pic of the menu:

Oh yeah, it's also my anniversary with Mr T, what's that got to do with vegan goss? Well we are both vegan :-) Happy Anniversary!


lisa said...

And in other vegan gossip, a veg food guide to Melbourne is being released at the end of the year...

kristy said...

Ohh, by who?

Buttons said...

I too have heard this goss, Lisa...very exciting!

Kristy, does Sugardough sell cake by the slice? Or just whole cakes? I want it!!

Thanks for the goss...some tasty morsels there!!

kristy said...

Buttons, they do sell it by the slice, but I'm not sure how much it costs and I would recommend going earlier as they tend to sell out of things quickly. They also sell amazing vegan muffins called sunrise muffins.

Theresa said...

Happy anniversary! And all your gossip is making me jealous. I must get to Melbourne (which I may, actually, do in December... I'll keep you posted...)

lisa said...

It's aduki. Actually they have some info on their site already so I don't know how secret it is but it's good news nonetheless.