Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Gone Public

Only two people were informed initially of my blog whereabouts and that's the way I wanted it. Then I told a few others. You see one of the main reasons for starting the blog was to help maintain a long distance relationship between myself and my partner. Since we've now seperated and he added my blog address on the Australian weblogs page I figure I should tell a few others.

So welcome Amber, Bryce, Mark and whoever else comes to look at my blog.

I've also noticed that a link to this page has been added to the ever so famous Diary of a average Australian page (by the way, thank you, it makes me feel very special).

However, people if you are going to read my blog please post a comment just so that I know your there.

For the record I decided to continue the blog after the end of my relationship because I realise how much I enjoy writing it. Down the track I can see myself reading back and reflecting on what has happened over the year and besides it also allows others to know what's going on in my life (if your that bored).

Anyhow, my discovery for the night was pesto bread. I'm a big fan of various breads (well toast technically) including: garlic, sundried tomato-garlic, marmite/butter/sesame seeded combo, and herb bread. If anymore can think of another good bread idea please let me know.

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