Tuesday, May 06, 2003

I had a near panic attack today, why you ask- because of all the up and downs in my life?

No because I was having computer problems again, twice in one week I just can't handle it. Last time it was due to a power failure this time however it was a different story:

I called up my boyfriend who might I add has a background in computer programming and his advice(or question) is have you tried re-starting it? How many times have I called IT at work or Optusnet helpline only to be asked that question, to which everytime I reply yes of course. See i've learned that if nothing else if the computer is frozen, not doing what you want it to do, is just a little off colour, re start the computer. Yes some say it could make the problem worse but deep down i know that this a fear people try to spread so that not everyone knows this little secret of mine. He then replies (now sit down for this: this is four years or is five now? of computer science advice at its best) re-start it again. To which i reply (being a expert on the matter) that i have re-started it three time already. This is serious problem here if three lots of re-starting and my friendly virus scanner can't do anything.

I start getting really anxious now, i need my computer darling i tell him, i explain again the problem no keyboard and while i love my mouse i can't function without the keyboard. All three locks are one the num lock, caps lock, and scroll lock. Could it be the scroll lock i ask? He then asks if the keyboard is plugged in. After much playing around I basically unplug everything and plug it in and problem solved. God i love computers if only life could be so simple. Not having a good day, relationships problems, money problems just re start, and then re start again.

I'm not really sure where all the time goes on my computer but i suppose all the checking, replying and sending emails much of which I blame on a long distant relationship. I don't want to even beign to tell you how many times i check my email a day. Then theres my blog. I think its amazing that I have trouble keeping a written journal yet can keep you (don't you feel lucky), theres also recipe related stuff, often i'll need some sort of motivation want to check a recipe etc. Theres also reading The Age online. Not to mention the occassional venture into a few forums such as Veggieboards.

Isn't strange that I still havn't perfected great typing skills, sure I can type fast but pretty inaccurate.

OK so I'm a net girl, a e-grrl, a geek, call it what you want, I officially out myself.

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