Tuesday, May 13, 2003

I went to Shepparton yesterday for a day trip. Why you ask? Well a) It was to take Erin to her job interview there and b) it was a way for me to get away and do something different for my day off.

Its good thing I did get away because the last 24 hours have been crazy.

First: I received a email from a male friend of my friend yesterday who chose not to speak to me the last month or two and finally got some sort of explanation: he has feelings for me. Ahhh where to go from there?

I also had quite a interesting conversation with Michael (sorry too personal for blog) and I got fired from one of my jobs(I had three and now have two).

So Shepparton allowed quite alot of thinking time and thanks to a very generous Erin I got a very nice creme ice shadow (see her blog for more details).

I've decided that my being fired was a blessing in disguise well maybe not a very good disguise. Since I've been speaking about quitting since day one. Plus it allows me a weekend free. The question left is: what to do with all that spare time now?

I'm sure I'll think of something.

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