Thursday, August 11, 2005

A bar called 'Phonograph' in Hong Kong after the pillable show (with what appears to be a ghost).  Posted by Picasa

Lecturing has been a strange experience so far.

They say that people fear public speaking more than death and I am beginning to really understand why.

This week was my second week and I'm still incredibly nervous and I have to admit the experience has been far from enjoyable. In fact I'm quite certain that I have asked myself on at least a dozen occasions: what have I got myself into? I guess its a learning experience. So far I've already discovered a few lessons.

One: when you are teaching a difficult subject you need to be careful not to get lost in students confusion.

Two: Prepare, prepare and then prepare some more as you never know what questions may be asked and it certainly doesn't look good when the lecturer is unsure.

Three: do not expect students (except for wonderful mature age students) to answer questions you ask, or actually ask questions either.

Four: do not question the staff member who made the lecture notes. Even if you are quite certain that they are wrong, it's not good to make enemies with such people.

Five: Don't take the students whispering personally-they are not necessarily whispering about you.

Six: Accept that you will make mistakes and that it might add to the embarrassment from time to time.

Seven: If all else fails when you don't have the answers or are lost in their confusion tell the students to read the chapter (or re-read if necessary) and that we will go over it again next week. Then start to panic all over again.

Eight: Do not under any circumstances expect the office staff to assist you with any information about pay forms, or any other relevant office stuff. Their job is purely there to make new staff feel like shit for asking a simple question such as 'when do the pay forms go in?'.


In other news my bro is walking (properly walking) again finally!


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Melinda Casino said...

That list makes intriguing reading!

I also like the photo, it has this warm golden brown tone to it. Looks like a cozy place to hang out.