Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Is anyone else annoyed with the new bonds ads? Click on the link to view one (although its not the same one i watched- no butt close ups).

I generally love bonds. So much so that I have been known to ask at times 'what did we ever do before bonds?'.

This ad gets me so frustrated though.

The new ad features the very frustrating body fragmentation technique. As if the male gaze in general is not bad enough, its always great to be reduced to a pair of breasts, or a butt!

Its amazes me how someone can made an ad that is supposed to appeal to women which actually creates all sorts of problems for women. For example: it's certainly not helping with body image issues and also attempts to reinforce the women as posessions idea at the same time.

Nice one bonds!


tekanji said...

No, no, you see, it needed to show all the important parts of the woman. Who wants to see some chick's face, anyway? And of course it'll be the male gaze because, you know, women don't wear lingerie, men do. [/sarcasm]

With ads like these, it's no wonder so many women grow up with body image issues. Seriously. -.-

kristy said...

Thanks for replying!

I was started to think that most women found it acceptable to be seen as just breasts and butts.

Yes it really starts to make you think about why women are so fixated on specific body parts: my hips are too large, my butt is to big, my breast are too small/big etc etc.

They recently started showing another ad which isn't quite as bad, you actually see the women walking with shots of their whole bodies, imagine that...