Thursday, August 25, 2005

Five songs I’m loving right now As requested by Erin.

1. I'm Sleeping In A Submarine- Arcade Fire. (i loveeeeeeee their album- its quite diverse-thanks Claire!).
2. Haligh Haligh- Bright Eyes.
3. Do The Whirlwind- Architecture in Helsinki (so much more more respect now that I have seen them live).
4. Positive Tension- Bloc Party (yes very similar to banquet but so catchy and always wants to make me dance).
5. Not a pretty girl- Ani Difranco (had to include one of her songs but choosing just one was like picking children...)

The list was suprisingly hard to make. I don't really think in terms of individual songs rather albums. So I choose my fav song at the moment on each album. But even now I want to keep changing it.

Anyhoo now tagging Emma, Vera and Mr T (sorry) and anyone else who wants to join in.

Edited to add: Claire.

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claire said...

Top 5 songs I am loving right now....

1. night on the sun ~ modest mouse
2. you've escaped ~ aloha
3. elevator love letter ~ stars
4. no outlet ~ juliana hatfield
5. peach plum pear ~ joanna newsom

It is a hard thing to pick, my top 5 songs of ALL TIME would be completely different. But the 5 I listed above are the ones that I can't resist playing over and over in the last few weeks.