Monday, August 01, 2005

The stunning Chi Lin nunnery (pictures do not do the place justice).

This week is a big week for me. Well the start of it at least.

Last night I went and listened to Stephen Chow and a few of the actors from his latest film talk. So strange after only watching the film two days ago.

Today i went back to uni.

Tomorrow i start doing my placement

and wed i start lecturing.

I'm particuarly nervous about lecturing but keep telling myself if I can handle screaming bratty and unpredictable two and three years olds with their parents watching then maybe I can handle 20 yr olds.

When i first received the call, i hesitated in fact i was kind of convinced into it. It got worse though when I discovered that I wasn't actually taking tutorials but actual lectures and I saw the lecture hall and imagined 50 plus students in there. On the up side the money is good and it will be a good experience.

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