Wednesday, August 24, 2005

There are quieter places in HK, like Sha Tin (New Terriorties)where I stayed and where the pic was taken.

How to choose a wing chun class if your a woman...

Visit them with a male friend and notice if they pay you any attention at all.

It took me three before I found one.

Considering that this particular style of kung fu was created by a woman you would think that instructors would see women as clients too but apparently not.

Last night though I went with a male friend and the sifu (instructor)actually spoke to me too. Not only did he speak to me, he also made eye contact with me and asked me if I had any martial arts experience and why I wanted to do it? and various other questions and provided me with information and get this-he even asked if I had any questions. About half of the attention went my way. Yayyyyy!

In previous classes I was literally ignored.

Considering that not only am i being ignored but that my male friend knows very little about wing chun or kung fu in general it gets pretty damn frustrating quite quickly.

I was starting to think that wing chun instructors belonged to the same category as car salesmen, mechanics and IT salesman. All of which which tend to assume that women know nothing and therefore why bother paying them any attention, well at least if they are accompanied by a male.

Thankfully I was wrong well at least there is one instructor. Now all i need to do is save a little money so I can start the lessons.


On the bonds note.

I got my reply from the advertising standards board. yes I complained and am in training to be that annoying old women who writes into the paper.

Apparently I'm not the only one to complain. They listed some of the previous comments most of which likened the ad to porn and others spoke about the inappropriateness of the time (during the day).

The complaint/s were dismissed however bonds have agreed to show the ads only after 8.30pm.

In their arguments they stated that it was created as 'spoof of advertising by Calvin Kleins...'

They also admitted that the ad was 'certainly more sensuous than previous bonds ads but ....'

I've noticed there recent ads are a huge improvement. So there is some hope (a tiny bit) after all.


Vegan Momma said...

I practiced Wing Chun Kung Fu about seven years ago. I miss it immensely! I was the only female in my class. I knew the sifu, who was also a good friend.

tekanji said...

Not an insightful comment, but I just wanted to say that you rock for both parts of this post. And yay for ornery old women (you'll be in good company, trust me)!