Sunday, August 28, 2005

HK Fashion (slowly fazing out all my HK pics)

I love the fashion extremes In HK.

It is so hard taking pics of people without them noticing it. Especially when they are walking, and the camera settings need to be adjusted. So I handed it over to Mr T for a few of these shots.


Melinda Casino said...

I love these shots! Anytime you take shots in HK, actually...

"It is so hard taking pics of people without them noticing it."

:D I was wondering how you managed; you seem to be stared at in the fourth photo. I think photographers basically have to be a bit brave and not mind people staring at what they're doing...

So - would you consider what you're doing "moblogging"? Or simply putting mobile phone pictures up at your blog?

kristy said...

But they are not taking from a mobile phone but from a camera, a cheap digital camera which doesn't take good pictures of movement.

Yes your right about the fourth picture and in fact I took about three to even get that blurry image and everyone who was walking in the opposite section were staring at me probably wondering what I was taking a picture of.

The second one she kept walking too fast, and I ended up handing the phone over to Mr T who got quite close. It would have been quite awkward if she turned around though.

Melinda Casino said...

Oh, I see! Sorry about that.

"It would have been quite awkward if she turned around though."

:D Yes. The risks of taking photos of people in public... ;)

tekanji said...

That's considered extreme? ^^; Maybe I lived in Vancouver for too long (large Chinese population, including people from HK), but your shots seemed like "normal" fashion to me. Heck, half my clothes come from HK/Taiwanese/Japanese stores. I'd probably have more, but my boobs are too big for half the shirts :<

Did I mention that I love Asian fashion? I'm such a nerd....

kristy said...

I wondered where you lived.

These are by no means extreme in HK terms. Slightly different from Melb though.

When I lived there i would witness different fashions extremes along side each other and stupidly never took any photos. Things like two women walking along side each other in very different styles. One in a very over the top 'girly' outfit- pink, lace, butterflys- flowers prints, skirt, jewelery, hair clips etc. The other would have on her boxing boots, huge baggy low jeans and a t shirt which is about 5 times too big. It was great to see!

Half my wadrobe is from HK too!

tekanji said...

Ooo, that sounds interesting. I was born in Miami where fashion was pretty uniform. Except for most of my friends, who tended to either be geek, goth, or a combination of both. Even so, we were pretty uniform within our group.

Vancouver has a bit more diversity, but it seems like the geek fashion of some of my friends doesn't contrast with the HK fashion of my other friends (and seems to blend quite nicely within myself). I wish you had taken pictures, 'cause what you describe sounds like it would be something worth seeing ^^;

Of course, now I'm bumming around at my mom's house in Port Townsend (small town in WA) and it's hippie-type fashion so *I'm* the one who stands out. It's particularly funny when I drive my lime green car, another anomaly here.