Sunday, October 02, 2005

My crooked photo wall version 3. The original idea was inspired by a clipping on Erin's inspiration board. At first it was just one line with spaces, then one line with overlapping pictures and then of course I opted for two lines. I love it crookedness and all because its contains a few of my fav things/people/places and its situated on the wall that I face when i turn my head away from the computer (which I live on).


The immigration forms were ALMOST in!

Handing in the forms has been a long long process. I filled out the first set back in march this year. But there has been continual obstacles, money being the biggest. It costs a bloody lot for Mr T to move here without all the immigration costs.

We were so close, MR T had an appointment to hand them in but when the immigration woman was confirming that we had everything she also insisted that I too need a free to marry certificate (its not on the list) to show that I'm not already married. Now i have to wait a week or two for it and send it to Mr T before the forms will be handed in.

Ahhh feels like I have been in a long distance relationship forever (coming up to 16 months in case you were wondering).


Melinda Casino said...

You're in the home stretch, it sounds like - hang in there!

RE: your crooked photo wall - I love it! The photos, and especially the blue ribbon you chose. What a fun idea.

kristy said...

Thanks SD on btoh accounts, I actually wanted a green ribbon for the second row but couldnt find it.

I can't believe though that I managed to find such tiny pegs.