Monday, July 13, 2009


  • Chris and Julia from Masterchef are dating
  • Lord of the Fries will soon be serving vegan desserts
  • Las vegan is open on thu and fri nights now


Joanne said...

eee las vegan! My friend & I found out about the later hours last Thursday by accident, just driving past. It was our first time there. Good food & chai.

LotF - I heard something about them re-selling La Panella goods, is that what this is?

lisa said...

LoTF + vegan desserts from where? They should concentrate on getting their core product perfect - last time I was there the chips were cold.

Léna, said...

joanne, they're selling the meat pies and sausage rolls from lapanella already so i think the desserts is something different.

kristy said...

I'm not sure where they are from but they include brownies.