Saturday, July 18, 2009

Let's talk vegan shoes

I have been looking everywhere for vegan boots, but not come up with any ones that I like. I want something that look like these leather camper boots only vegan. The biggest problem I have is finding relatively flat boots.

I have however found lots of other cute vegan shoes. Dimmey's in footscray has lots and lots of size 10 and size 11 croc ballet flats for $10 in a variety of colours. I wish I was a size 10!

And target has a variety of really cute vegan shoes at the moment, including: mary janes, ballet flats and wedges.

And of course I'm obsessed with the nicely scented melissa shoes. I love a lot of the new designs like these:

As for overseas sites, I've come across quite a few that I like but would rather not have shoes shipped if I can help it. Here are some ones that I like:

these red boots and many more from moo shoes

For unisex sneakers I love keep's casual men and womens shoes like these:


Vicki said...

Topshop have some really cheap Melissa shoes at the moment & the shipping is really reasonable - I just bought 2 pairs!

Joanne said...

I bought some black flat-soled vegan boots similar to the ones pictured from Target a couple of months ago, and my friend bought a different style (also black, flat-soled and vegan) from Target a little while later.

Anderburf said...

Check out Vegan Chic They have a big selection of boots and I think you could find some you like. They are reasonably priced too.

kristy said...

Thanks for the suggestions Anderburf and Vicky, I will look into both.

Joanne, I tried the Target in the city but not luck but decided to try box hill target and found a pair!

paula said...

Check out at

Rose said...

Love those melissa shoes. I always shop at target for shoes, i think over half of my huge shoe collection is from there.
I also have black mary jane crocs as my work shoes. I love the coloured ones in your picture!