Friday, July 31, 2009

Life is good

I feel like I either blog about food or rant when life is a bit shitty. So this is kind of the opposite. Lately life has been really awesome for a number or reasons like:
  • I got a secondment role which means an awesome opportunity to take a break from the role I have been doing for the last 3 and a half years and working with some different clients. The new role will be in Collingwood so am looking forward to having lots and lots of vegan options.
  • Mr T recently learnt how to ride a bike and we have slowly been exploring some short bike tracks around us. It has been so amazing to see him getting more confidence, learn to maneurve the bike and get more and more exicited about riding. It's kind of like rediscovering something through new eyes, or like watching children get excited about things, it's kind of contagious. I really enjoy riding slowly with him and chatting and just taking in our surroundings.
  • The weather has finally started to get a little milder and I now have some boots (from target) and mittens which makes the cold weather so much easier to tackle.
  • I have the found the greatest traditional chinese practioner ever. I have seen lots of good chinese doctors but this one is perfect, she has the cutest clinic ever, it is in Brunswick and she managed to help me getting rid of my horrible cough in like 2 days. I have a pretty shit immune system and it normally takes me at least a week if not weeks to fight viruses. I have been enjoying getting cupping I even think the bruises look kind of cool, and last time I had acupuncture I had this amazing floating feeling, it was aweome.
  • She has encouraged me to try Qi Gong which I'm super exicted about, but just need to find a good school.
  • I've been enjoying lots of dinners at friends places, and have really been enjoying the company and the awesome culinary efforts.
  • Button has been super affectionate lately.

Ok I'm probably making you sick with all this 'oh my life is so awesome....' stuff so I'll stop now.


Anonymous said...

A: Those mittens are adorable. I lost my mittens (just like in the song!) in Italy so I think I'll try to knit me a new pair!

B: Bella has been unusually affectionate too. What's going on with Melbourne's kitties?

Mandee said...

I enjoyed reading your happy/life is good post :) I love the mittens and hooray for fun bike rides with your man!

Theresa said...

I love hearing that good things happen to friends, so don't feel self-conscious about bragging! Cute button :)

kristy said...

Elizabeth,I don't know what is going on with the kitties but I like it :-)

Thanks Mandee and Theresa!