Monday, October 24, 2005

Another book to add to the list of must reads once semester is over and I have the privilege of reading for fun.

Female chauvinist pigs: Women and the rise of raunch culture

I Read the review on the age, and have also seen mostly ok-ish reviews on amazon and indie bride.

Reading for fun! I can't wait.

and why am i posting so frequently despite how frantic my workload is?

Its theraupetic and kind of a quick fix (have you seen all the extra typos I have made recently- no time for re-reads or proper typing) particuarly since I can barely start a conversation at the moment with my loved ones which isn't either boring (eg: in response to what did you do today: worked on my assignment/lecture preparation etc) or complaining (in response to how is it going: 'not so good, i have .................... all due in the next week').

I suck as a friend/fiance/family member right now, but i will be back very soon I promise!


Btw, world vegan day this sunday, those are in melb should check it out at albert park lake. Tofutti (the best vegan ice cream ever) have a stall, now if thats not reason enough than I don't know what is. Just in case, there will also be music, lots and lots of stalls, lots of kids activities and plenty of food!

Plus I'll be there taking a small break from it all.


Harmonia said...

You're right...tofutti DOES rock!

kristy said...

sure does! I take it you've tried it then. I strongly recommend tofutti vanilla almond bark its my fav.