Thursday, October 06, 2005

Asleep in front of the heater. Licorice the black lab, Paris the white american bulldog, and Dairy the stray cat. 

I payed off my credit card bill!!!!

Goodbye debt, and hello saving.

There is so much to save for too:

Big Day out tickets (go on sale next week) and I'm dying to see sleater-kinney and white stripes and quite a few others. I've never been before so i'm very excited!

Wedding dress and other wedding costs

A new Nookart lunchbox (check them out here under tin products lunch boxes).

Xmas presents.

Car insurance (due very soon) and other bills.

House stuff, bond etc with the plan of moving over the summer holidays (Australia).

Any tips for saving money?

So far all I have is cutting down on processed package foods which has been a struggle.


The other thing is I'm going to stop procrastinating and actually start my major assignments (including another 5,000 one) which are due in the next month. Which means laying off posting and reading blogs for a while. I wonder how long that will last.


Melinda Casino said...

"I payed off my credit card bill!!!!"

Congratulations. :)

"Any tips for saving money?"

Don't carry cash. If you buy coffee out, stop. Buy a thermos or something and bring coffee with you.

Make use of your local library instead of buying books/magazines.

kristy said...

Thanks SD!

Will try

tugboatcaptain said...

Nice one, darling!