Thursday, October 13, 2005

Sodastsream on sat night and yes the guy on the right is playing a sword.


I attended emergency relief training over the last couple of days.

Its been a good experience. An experience which has once again reinforced how bloody lucky i am to have the following:

a place to sleep
family and friends
no disabilities
no kids
a loving non- abusive partner
english skills
no major medical costs/debt

Its been great as well to see those who orginally started the training asking questions such as 'how can you tell if they are just trying to scam the system' to realise that the vast majority of clients don't come for help unless they really need it. As the instructor pointed out, they don't think to themselves 'i wouldn't mind some extra kidney beans better go beg for them'.

Others have stopped the victim blaming and started realising that sometimes clients are in a really horrible situation because of bad circumstances rather than bad choices.

And i doubt anyone walked away without being thankful for what little they may have.

Speaking of which, i have something extra to be thankful for:

Mr T handed in the immigration forms today!

Now back to one thing i'm not so thankful for: homework.


李智良 said...

hi kristy,
how are you?
i recently started a bog with english entry, take a look at

so mr t is going to australia soon?


lee chi leung

kristy said...

leung, hopefully!

The immigration lady told him it will take about a month, but i'll be happy if is just before xmas/new years eve.

will check out the entry.