Monday, October 03, 2005

It was on the way to work on sunday that I heard about the bali bombings on the radio.

All I heard though was that one australian teenager was confirmed dead. I waited for more but thats all i got, I didn't know how many bombs went off, how many were injured or anything until I actually arrived at work and checked the newspaper online.

Why is it that when terrorist attacks occur in other western countries the media tends to mention all the details in total, showing stories about the locals injured as well.

But as soon as something happens outside of the western world, the locals tend to be ignored.

Thankfully the age pointed it out:

where yet again most of the dead have been locals and most of the damage has hit local businesses.

Obvious, right? Maybe, but the media still seem to be ignoring it. I now know from the media that two australians are confirmed dead and another two missing and thought to be dead. Yet I have no idea how many locals were killed. I understand pointing out the Australian deaths for a few reasons but we need to remember we are not the only ones killed or injured.

My heart goes out to them all!!!

Edited to add: I checked the age online again this morning which revealed that

At least 14 Indonesians died in the blasts at Kuta and Jimbaran Beach

Perhaps we are starting to care about the others


Luz the Magpie said...

I tend to find with the UK news that they tell you how many British are dead and lump everyonelse - locals and other foreigners - together. I suppose they think it makes people connect with it better, if there's that kind of connection, but it's a very parochial attitude for the 21st century and the "global village". I'm sure a lot of people all over the world care very much how many Balinese died. I have a personal interest because I buy silver from there, others will remember people they met on holiday, etc..

kristy said...

Hi Luz, thanks for commenting.

Its quite sad but I distinctly remember with the london bombings, and particuarly 911 that the news coverage showed a lot about the local victims. Was there is a similar reaction to 911 in UK news?

Btw, your profile is blocked, do you have a blog i could check out?