Sunday, October 09, 2005

Explicit warning!!!! Ugly Hip Hop lyrics ahead.

Hip hop bad

When i was last in HK i had the unfortunate experience of going to a hip hop club.

I noticed instantly that there was two main styles of dancing, one consisted of basically standing on the spot and moving only slightly, the other consisted of moving quite obviously up and down, and some serious butt shaking. Take a wild guess who was doing what(in terms of females or male)?

I wasn't obviously impressed with the song lyrics all evening, but then the following song come on(keeping in mind this was the chorus):

So lick it now, lick it good, suck this dick just like you should
Right now, lick it good, suck my dick just like you should
Thats it, like that, lick my dick and my sack
Don't quit, like that, lick my dick and my sack
Yeah bitch, like that, lick my dick and my sack
Don't trip, like that, lick my dick and my sack

Charming isn't it?

But wait it gets even bettter:

First you gotta take your tongue stick it out up and down, let it run
All around my dick and balls, let the spit drip from your jaws
Get hype wit it, it's your chance, squeeze my dick let it slide in your hands
Don't stop until you make me come, after me give my homeboy some
Bustin' nuts all in your face, open wide, I know you love that taste
The best head comes from real ho's , I get big like a dildo

I stood there on spot at that moment quite annoyed, and thinking surely i'm not the only woman in the room not quite enjoying the lyrics, but apparently I was because most of the women continued to dance as if they were imitating sexual movements right there on spot.

Sadly when I was researching the above lyrics,I actually had trouble finding the song, because there are quite a few songs with similar lyrics.

I was however suprised to discover that part of the lyrics was actually created by a woman-khia in a song called my neck my back, althought it of course referred to licking female body parts and then Too $hort created his ever so 'poetic' version which was just a touch harsher in comparison.

I also found this song which ends with more charming lyrics again:

Hey mothafuck, I want you to suck Dre's dick,
Then I want you to suck Yella dick
You already sucked Ren's dick ..

Apparently hip hops horrible relationship with women still exists.

Hip hop-good

I'm still not a fan of hip hop but I was recently impressed with Kanye West.

I watched the MTV interview with Kanye West recently where he explained how homosexuality is almost an antonym to hip-hop and that basically it (gay bashing) needs to be stopped.

Mr T (defender of hip hop- the one area of music we disagree on) was then explaining how one of his new songs even talks about problems with the diamond industry. Nows thats impressive!

Now all we need is some mainstream hip hop or just mainstream music in general talking about women's issues. Or simply starting to undo some of the issues created with lyrics in the first half. Perhaps thats what the female singer khia was trying to do in her song 'my neck, my back' in her own crude way.

Yeh i guess I am dreaming there!


tugboatcaptain said...

but Kanye talks bout women in a bad way sometimes too.

Check The Roots, Mos Def, Talib, El-P for good hip hop

chairmanv said...

wow... baffling lyrics. i remember back in my kicks with 20s-30s old jazz and blues records, i heard songs that were talking about more or less the same thing too. just baffled.

claire said...

I share your disdain for that degrading kind of hip-hop.

Did you know that Bright Eyes is releasing a live album? I read it in my favourite music website today...

Hey I'm going to go to the Sons & Daughters gig in December, if you think you might be interested I can copy the album and send it to you if you'd like.

kristy said...

t, i figured that might be the case i haven't heard enough of his new album to comment.

chairmanv, no way!!! I know that there are bad lyrics in all types of music (including soem of my fav types) but it does seem like mainstream hip hip has more than the others.But jazz and blues????

claire, yesssssssssssssss please ;=). I'll email you!

chairmanv said...

Blind Willie McTell sung of ways to abuse "his women" including cutting, dragging down the street by the hair, etc. in 'ABC Blues' circa 1930s... for serious.

kristy said...

chairmanv, thats horrible!!!