Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Baby cat in the boot of my car in the middle of me cleaning it up.

Life has been hectic but good.

Its less than 2 weeks to Mr T arrives and so that has motivated me to do be a little ok a lot more productive than normal.

I'm still doing 7 days a week but i manage to get quite a lot done in the evenings.

Today in addition to washing my car, phase 4-5 of cleaning my room, doing a load of washing, dishes, cooking a big meal (garden of vegan- spinach and tofu salad-highly recommend btw) and grocery shopping i also met with my uni
co-coordinator. She gave me some very good news, it might be possible for me to complete my masters part time in 3 years instead of 4. I also picked up two assignments which have been graded and somehow I managed to do well in both of them.

Life is indeed good.

I had my second wing chun this week, and it has been challenging and painful (in the days that follow the classes) but i'm enjoying it. This week there were more women and more newbies both of which kind of helped ease the pressure of being a hopeless beginner.

Last sunday i also had the privledge of attending vodafone live at the chapel(relatively intimate performance) with Sarah Blasko for free. It was good, although strange to see a live artist perform a few of the same songs twice just to get it right for TV.

I have noticed though that music like Sarah Blasko that is a little softer I haven't been enjoying as much lately. I'm hoping it will pass since it includes quite a lot of music collection(M Ward, Jens Leckman and many more). In the meantime lots of great rockier performances coming up. Sons and Daughters- which will be the first show that Mr T will attend with me in Melbourne. And Big Day out recently announced there new line which includes The subways which I like.

Other shows that i'm thinking about but probably won't attend for financial reasons include:

The Kills

Sleater Kinnery (yes i will see them at Big Day out but still...)

St Jeromes Laneway festival (includes pretty girls make graves, broken social scene and more)


the Carpark festival (includes: sons and daughters(yes again), kills, Architecture in Helsinki and more)

I also noticed that all the upcoming shows at the corner (sons and daughters included) are smoke free-yayyyyyy! Although a couple of my friends will be disappointed that they can no longer smoke a joint there- you know who you are!

But seriously are they all smoke free now? When did that happen?


Also sighted more more Asian male- white female couples including: a couple perhaps in their late 30s or early 40s playing with their kids, and today an eldery couple. Maybe its just because I'm getting out more or something...

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tugboatcaptain said...

you are the best friend of baby cat now? she is not a baby anymore but still loooooooooovely

I loooooooove The Subways.