Tuesday, November 22, 2005

A random couple in central-Hong Kong who almost look they should be part of the billboard behind them. Photo taken from on top of a double decker tram

The planet works in mysterious ways

On the day i found out the good news (thursday see below) i later went to a local shopping centreand saw 5 wf-am(white female-asian male)couples. More than i have seen in a whole year.

On Saturday a little after i discovered the date Mr T will arrive I saw a wf bride with her am groom.

I think mother nature(don't ask how) is smiling at me.

I will post more soon just working like crazy at the moment (5 paid days and 2 volunteer days) and trying to get prepared for when Mr T arrives (which is about 3 weeks away).

And yes i'm still walking around occasionally smiling to myself.

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Harmonia said...

Love the revised description! :)