Sunday, November 06, 2005

Female Chauvinist Pigs

I bought it on friday and finished it within a couple of days, could have been a day but I tried to drag it out as much as possible.

I can not recommend the book enough. Its easy to read obviously. It made me laugh, and also quite sad and quite angry at times (not at the author but at the issues).

Below are a few quotes please keep in mind that the book actually covers quite a lot of topics (teens, sexual education, lesbian relationships,feminism, anti-women women, tv and more) and i struggled choosing only a few quotes.

Here she discusses incidents with teenage girls giving sexual favours in public (a sad section):

What all these adolescent incidents have in common are, of course exhibitionism and oral sex -oral sex for the boys that is. Like the mythical rainbow parties, these situations revolve around girls giving erotic performances and boys literally lying back and enjoying the benefits

Below she discusses women who enjoy going to the strippers, and watching tvs shows like girls behaving badly:

Because part of the answer is that nobody wants to be the frump at the back at the room anymore, the ghost of woman past. It's just not cool. What is cool is for women to take a guy's view of pop culture in general and live, nude girls in particular.

On women in the sex industry:

It's a cliche that bears repeating (and substantiating) that most women in the sex industry have been victims of sexual abuse........... Estimates range from 65 to 90 percent, and she is inclined to believe the highest numbers as are all the other experts I spoke with. Obviously, people who have suffered sexual trauma in the past can move on and enjoy their sex lives in the future. But there is something twisted about using a predominately sexually traumatized group of people as our erotic role models It's like using a bunch of shark attack victims as our lifeguards.

It no wonder I'm not a fan of porn!

The thing is society tells us that engaging in certain types of behaviour (porn/strippers included) is not only normal but sexy. Sexy is something we are told we are seeing every day in adverts, on tv, on the street (in so called sexy outfits), in strip clubs, porn etc.

She also points how 'sexy', or 'sexually liberated' people like Paris Hilton aren't necessary enjoying a good sex life.

She concludes with:
We need to allow ourselves the freedom to figure out what we want from sex instead of mimicking whatever popular culture holds up to us as sexy. That would be sexual liberation


shamash said...

Sobering quotes. I worry about my young, female students, who so often buy into what the media protray as "sexy."

Next time I'm in a country where I can buy the book, I will. Who's the author?

What's this I hear? Paris Hilton not having a good sex life?

You don't say. ;-)

kristy said...

Ohhps I can't believe i missed that crucial bit of info- the authors name is ariel levy.

I can't wait for some one else to read it so I can discuss it in more details without ruining it for the others.