Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The wall along the staircase on the way up to 'The Panic' (indie music shop in Mongkok)

If you like rock, or punk or folk then check out:

Sons and Daughters album repulsion box

They are a Glaswegian punk folk band which I come across thanks to Claire.

And they are my favourite band at the moment and are coming to Melbourne very soon.

Am super excited!


claire said...

I just thought of another newish band which you might like... have you heard of 'Wolf Parade'? their album 'Apologies To The Queen Mary' is GREAT!

Melinda Casino said...

Thanks for the recommendation.

And I love seeing that wall from an indie record shop in Mongkok!

Harmonia said...


kristy said...

Claire, haven't heard of them will look out for it.

SD, i can't believe you googled Mongkok ;-)

Melinda Casino said...

Oh yes, I had no idea until I looked it up.

I'm quite hopeless. ;)

More Mongkok pictures!