Sunday, November 13, 2005

Super cheap lunch box from a vegetarian restaurant in Wan Chai, Hong Kong.

About cooking...

The last post had me thinking about cooking. I avoided learning how to cook at all for a quite a while. As a a teenager I had family members who would comment on how I don't know how to cook, and then ask questions like 'who is going to cook for your future husband?' which of course turned me off cooking all together.

It wasn't until I become a vegan that I actually started to cook thanks to my then boyfriend. He used to make this beautiful vegetable risotto and taught me how to make it, actually I think he just gave me the recipe. Somehow though I ended up making it better than him. I was quite pleased to discover that not only could make one dish by myself but also a slightly difficult one too. Risotto even for me now is something that can easy be ruined if you don't watch it carefully.

Its basically grew from there as i taught myself how to cook from cookbooks and recipes i found online. Strangely what inspired me to cook even more was actually the opposite of what initially deterred me from learning at an early age. I didn't want to be dependent on others, whether that be my boyfriend, my mother or having to eat out. Besides a lot of the new ingredients (tofu, lentils, chickpeas) I was starting to discover in restaurants neither my family or my then boyfriend could made.

Somewhere early on in though I discovered something very very scary: i liked cooking! I felt slightly guilty like somehow I was becoming my then worst nightmare: a house wife.

Thankfully I grew past that and now here i am cooking about 5 nights a week and I can't get enough cookbooks. I honestly read them like a novel sometimes.


Vegan Momma said...

I do the same, reading the cookbooks like novels although I rarely follow the recipes.

kristy said...

vegan momma, i wish i was more confident like that. I think i just lack the creativity for it. Besides if doesn't taste as good I can blame the recipe, or the cookbook author rather than my own skills ;-)

Harmonia said...

I'm nearly 30 and am just starting to cook! Mostly for myself cuz hubby the omni thinks my stuff is too different! LOL