Tuesday, November 15, 2005

What have I got myself into?

For some reason i decided to play around with my template today and therefore all my links are gone.

Please be patient while I get it re-organised.

In the meantime i need to seriously think about whether perhaps I should just move to blogsome instead of blogger because i lurrrve the categories option.

Can someone tell me whether the right side of the blog is appearing correctly, to me it seems as if the links don't show up completely.


tugboatcaptain said...

It looks simple and nice!!!!


shamash said...

Looks great to me!
And: the new "About me" info is nice, too. I, too, am a woman of many contradictions. You be my sista'!I love paradox.


kristy said...

Anytime Shamash ;-)

and thanks for the feeback, although at this stage i'm not sure if you saw this version, which is version number three, or version number two which had only some parts in blue.

Either way its probably going to change once again.

Harmonia said...

Blogsome is great but I am still trying to figure out the links...some of them are doubling! No worries though.

Looks good in here looks like you got it figured out.