Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bad Lord of the Fries

I had a bad day today and decided to treat myself with lord of the fries 'chicken nuggets' which Mr T tells me are tasty. I went to the Elizabeth st store and they had sold out. So I went to the Flinders st store and they don't sell them at all. So I went back to the Flinders st store because it is closer to my tram and ordered the french Canadian fries with gravy and asked for vegan cheese in place of cows milk cheese and they had run out of that too.

But Mr T knowing that I had a shitty day bought me home a piece of yummy vegan chocolate and sour cherry cake from Organic Food and Wine Deli, did I mention that I heart Mr T?


Theresa said...

That cake looks so fudgy! Good on Mr T for being sweet (literally!)

Louise said...

sigh, lord of the fries. i, too, have yet to try the chicken nuggets but oh my god, the vegan 'new york' breakfast burger is to die for!

kristy said...

Louise, I haven't tried that either, because I'm never in the city on a weekday morning to give it a try.

Theresa, it's great. You'll have to add it to your list of must tries food wise if you ever visit.