Sunday, May 04, 2008

Ok so I can't bake

I stupidly said on fri night that I am good at baking. Then I made the apricot glazed almond cupcakes from VCTOTW to take to the vegan brunch that buttons was hosting on sat. And this is what happened with my my baking efforts:

* I accidentally turned the oven up high and when I went to check on them they were really burnt
* Thankfully I made a double batch of batter so I put the second batch into the tray only to discover that it only filled about 8 cupcake liners.
* Even though I turned the oven down and waited for it to cool down and monitored the second batch they were still slightly overcooked again.
*Taste wise -Almond extract SUCKS! I don't get it, I love almonds, almond meal, almond milk and yet almond extract is really horrible. It is overpowering and kind of takes over everything else.

It's such a pity because I love putting the apricot centre in the cupcakes, it was actually fun to make them and they looked pretty and they aren't as sugary at the other cupcakes recipes. Here's a pic:

To make up for the baking issues, Mr T decided to make the peanut butter banana cupcakes that I made last week. While he made them I got them out of the oven too early so they were undercooked and I burnt my finger.

I think I'm going to take a break from baking for a little while.

The brunch was great, with all sorts of yummy foods and lots of people. My fav savoury dish were cute little vegan pies and the vegan love pie was AMAZING. It reminded me of the cakes at vegetarian orgasm. You'll have to check out Button's blog for pictures when she updates.


Cindy said...

Ah, that's a shame. I think there are certain days where I am definitely not meant to bake, either!

I have the same issues with almond essence (is it the same as extract?). I love real almonds in just about anything but can't stand that overpowering bitter liquid.

jan said...

i thought the almond cupcakes tasted great.

kristy said...

Thanks Jan!

Do you have a blog too? I can't see your profile to check.

jan said...

no, i don't have a blog, i just used my gmail username.
i've been thinking about starting a blog, but i'm really lazy and don't have much to say or do that is blog-worthy.

kristy said...

Jan, the not having much to say that is blog-worthy hasn't stopped me yet :)