Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Sharing the Not-bacon love

I read about tofu bacon over at have cake, will travel and had a look at the glowing reviews of the recipe at vegweb and decided then and there that I had to make it.

With one tiny problem, where to get liquid smoke? I eventually found it at Leos in Kew (at the end of isle 1 or 2 down past where the kosher foods are) and I've also heard that you can it get at USA foods.

It doesn't taste like Bacon, but it is AMAZING! Like smoked tofu but a thousand times better. We are having in sandwiches tomorrow but the possibilities are endless. Here's a ugly pic of it:


lisa said...

Yum! I make tempeh bacon and sub smoked paprika for the liquid smoke so thanks for the tip of where to get some.

kristy said...

Ohh tempeh bacon sounds great, do you have a recipe you follow? I might give it a shot.

Celine said...

I know, right? I need to make more soon.

lisa said...

I've tried a few different recipes but the winner so far is Cajun Tempeh Bacon from the fatfreevegan blog.

kristy said...

Celine, thanks for sharing it.

Lisa, I'll give it a try. Thanks!