Monday, May 19, 2008


When we got 2 large passionfruits in our food co-op box I knew that I had to try the recipe for passion fruit melting moments or yo yos over at Veginity.

I don't have kitchen scales (yeah shoot me) so had to convert everything into cups. I did so and also doubled the cookie recipe and somewhere along the line stuffed up and ended up with way too much flour and not enough margarine so I added more margarine, not even measuring and forgetting that baking is a science and you can't just play around with it like you can regular cooking. But some how it worked. They were super yummy. I doubled the passionfruit which as you can see made the icing too watery but extra passionfruity and still great.

Mr T modeling one for me. My camera broke so this was taken with Mr T's camera phone.


Theresa said...

I dont' have scales either, and I get annoyed with recipes that use weights. At this point, I'm not getting scales in protest. Silly thing to protest? Absolutely. But just give me measurements of volume!

Anways, your yo-yos look yum-yum.

kristy said...

I'm with you, we should start some sort of alliance :-)

Mandee said...

Yum, they look delish. I'm a bit like that when baking, I tend to add a bit of this and that if the dough isn't right, and it usually works out, even though my bf protests that I can't just do what I feel!