Friday, May 09, 2008

I found him, i found him!

I'm not talking about a long lost lover or anything but much much better. Vegetarian Orgasm's cake chef Mark, well I'm pretty sure it is him. If you have never been a fan of Vegetarian orgasm or VO as I called it (when it was on smith st) or you have never been there than you should just stop reading now because this will just bore you.

I have tried to check out a new site called Veginity but unfortunately you need to sign up and pay to see the recipes or so so I thought. I discovered that some recipes like the strawberries muffins you can see for free and their are little youtube videos attached too. I watched one, and saw the ponytale and thought it's got to be him. I contacted him because I'm like a cake groupie or something (No Mr T that's a joke) and he confirmed it.

Since it's him, i'll fork over some money to subscribe to his website or get his book. His cakes like the original nougat cake which had layers of soy cream and whatever fruit he felt like using were amazing, as was the peanut caramel nougat. He is a genius. He would replicate all sorts of other amazing cakes/desserts too. The brownie sundae was pretty awesome too.

VO was such a huge part of my veganism, I swear I turned vegan after discovering that the I could have the best cakes in Melbourne and still be vegan and I used to eat there about once a week until they moved to Gertrude and when downhill (after he left). It's been years since it happened and there is still no one making amazing vegan cakes in Melbourne. Don't get me wrong there are good vegan cakes, but not fall out of your chair, amazing, rich, with several layers cakes.


Theresa said...

Wow, those cakes sound really freakin good. Is Mark working in a different city, or solely focused on his website?

kristy said...

He's back in Melb at the moment but just working on his website and selling his cookbook right now.