Sunday, May 18, 2008

Buddha's Day equal vegan food

Thanks to Cindy for reminding me about the celebration this year, I managed to sample lots of yummy things. Unfortunately I didn't get to photograph all of them before my camera died. But here's the few I did get:

Radish Cake covered in soy sauce! I was super excited to see this here. I used to love turnip cake (which is basically the same) in Hong Kong but so rarely see the vegetarian variety in Melbourne. It wasn't as good as the HK varieties but was still good. It's called cake but it's a savoury slice made from rice flour. One day I'll have a go at making it if I can find a vegetarian recipe.

Peking 'Duck' Wrap, this was great but a little pricy for $5 for one tiny one.

Not food related obviously, but I loved the look and the idea behind these bodhi tree leaves. Basically you can buy a leave write a wish on it and it will prayed for.

I also enjoyed red bean sesame balls, lemon leave chicken skewer and dumplings.

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Cindy said...

Yum! Glad my reminder led you to some fun food. :-)